A gentile reliable routine

The CoastalMister is a reliable high-quality mosquito mister system designed to eliminate mosquitoes and all other insects in the outdoor spaces of your home. Its gentle routine won’t be distracting. Since it sprays a low dosage at multiple pre-planned times each day the CoastalMister provides continuous coverage and protection. Most other mosquito control methods are only applied every few weeks or months. Their efficiency is reduced over time and you and your pets would be locked inside for a couple of hours. With our low dosage program from you can enjoy your own yard comfortably anytime.

    Custom design and installation

The CoastalMister gently delivers a timed spray of diluted insecticide to the necessary areas. As it mists, the CoastalMister eliminates mosquitoes and other flying insects within the protected zone. We will work with you to customize a system that best suits the needs of your home. Our certified dealers are trained to install our equipment so your yard remains aesthetically pleasing. 

Mosquito Repellent Systems

          Start Spraying, Stay Safe

Your comfort and safety are top priority. Mosquitoes are relentless pests, and their bites can bring more than just itchy welts. Mosquito bites are always annoying, but they also can lead to serious health issues. Reduce the risk of family and friends being infected. You built your backyard retreat so you could relax in it, but worrying that you and your loved ones might be at risk for viral diseases isn’t relaxing at all!  You can take control and protect your loved ones from these dangers with the CoastalMister mosquito control system. 

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