Central Vacuum

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What is Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system – also known as a whole-house vacuum – is a built-in system in which pipes run through the interior walls of the home and are connected to a large vacuum system typically located in a garage or basement. Suction ports, which resemble electrical outlets, are added to walls throughout the home, allowing the user to easily attach and detach a hose and move from room to room without hauling around a heavy vacuum.The system is designed to be more powerful than a portable vacuum & offer less noise.

Why Central Vacuum

Most people with allergies think of their home as a 
haven where they can escape their allergies. 
Unfortunately, houses and apartment buildings harbor their own allergens. The inside of your home actually traps allergens, making them impossible to avoid.When it comes to severe allergies and asthma, vacuum cleaners are one of the worst offenders at stirring up dirt and debris With a central vacuum system, you’re never having that recycling of air. It actually exhausts it outside your house so it’s never coming back in contact with the user or anywhere in the home.